3D Printed Parts

Gotham Rail & Marine has an extensive line of 3D printed parts. Currently, we have a store hosted at Shapeways and the link appears on the bottom of the page.

We have recently begun to shift all of our 3D printing to in house, with the purchase of a resin based SLA printer. In doing so we will be able to drastically lower costs, as well as increase quality.

In the next few weeks we intend to work on moving everything to our own web based store on this site. We are currently in the process of building up our inventory. In the meantime, if there is anything you see in our store, send us an email first so we can work with you directly.

Gotham Rail & Marine at Shapeways


Please forgive the crudeness of this page until I get to getting a proper shopping cart and web-store put together. I appreciate everyone’s patience in the matter.

4/3/2020 – Please note that there may be a delay with producing certain items, depending on how the flow of supplies shakes out with everything going on right now. Please email us to check availability, we have quite a bit in stock on the shelf. Lots of new parts coming very soon as well!


Currently in stock and ready to ship direct from GR&M:

GRM-029: Fairbanks-Morse 31A 8 1/2″ Diesel Engine. 1x – $13.00, 2x $23.00
This is a model of a Fairbanks-Morse 31A 8 1/2″ diesel engine. These were made from 1949-1957 and used for many different kinds of stationary engine applications. This model depicts the 5 cylinder version. This would make a fantastic flatcar load, or could be used in a power plant, pumping station, etc. This is the first of many different engine models we will be making. Comes with the engine block, flywheel, fuel filters and intake pipe. For more information on this engine, see: Vintage Diesel Design – Fairbanks Morse 31A Series

GRM-026, 027: Air Activated Cement Containers. 1 Container: $8.00, 2 pack: $15.00, 5 pack: $32.00, 6 pack: $38.00. Please contact us for further bulk rates. Temporarily Unavailable
These canisters were used extensively in the Northeast in the 1940’s-1960’s for hauling bulk cement. Two styles are offered. GRM-026 is the older, AC&F built container used by LV and NYC. Style GRM-027 is the slightly newer AC&F container, used by LV, NYC, D&H and DL&W. Each one is slightly different: GRM-026 is shorter, uses a flat style loading cap and has a singular door on the bottom. GRM-027 is taller, has a larger loading cap, different weld lines, as well as having a second access door on the bottom. Kits are provided with wire to use for the air line as well as pre-bent lift rings. Decals are available separately from Shortline Model Products.

GRM-006: Wheelhouse interior for the Walthers tugboat kit. Includes enough parts to do several versions and options. $23.00
Click here for kit instruction sheet

GRM-005: Carfloat mooring winches, typically used in NYC for pulling carfloats into the transfer bridges: $12.00/pair

GRM-008: Flopover switch stands, a very basic switch stand common in industrial areas. $5.00/8

GRM-009: Bethlehem 1222 switch stands. Very common in industrial and waterfront areas, commonly placed in-between the points. $5.00/6 – Also available in O scale. Contact for pricing.

GRM-010: LIRR ASC boxes, used on most LIRR/NYA locomotives, includes wire for hinges and conduit. $7.00/3

GRM-07: Coil Car Lift Rings Style 1, rounded top. $6.00/4

GRM-004: Coil Car Lift Rings Style 2, angle top, used by DT&I, Wabash and others. $6.00/4

GRM-015: Large H Bitt. Great for use on tugs. Prototype used 12″ pipe construction. Legs are extra long so they can be cut to fit sheer, camber, etc. $5.00/2

GRM-016: Small H Bitt. Same as above, but smaller, made with 10″ pipe construction. $5.00/2

GRM-017: Intake Vents, used on virtually all maritime craft. 36″ tall. $6.00/4

GRM-018: Double Barge Bitt. This is a heavy duty bitt, used on larger barges, ships, etc. Built like a shorter H bitt, with a heavy base. $7.00/4

GRM-019: Small Barge Bitt. A 12″ bitt, commonly used on the corners of smaller barges. Comes with a mounting pin on the base. Based on a GMA barge design. $6.00/4

GRM-020: Same as 019, but mounted on a 30″ square deck doubler. $6.00/4

GRM-021: Capstan Style 1. $5.00/2

GRM-022: Small Radar, Dome style. $5.00/4

GRM-023: Mushroom Vents. Used above rooms on tugs and ships. Has a stem for mounting. $2.00/4

GRM-024: Bow Staple, Long. $2.00/Pair

GRM-025: Bow Staple, Short. $2.00/Pair


Note – All of our parts are HO – 1/87th scale unless specifically noted.

Until we get our cart up and running, please shoot us an email at gothamrail@gmail.com or use the contact page with what you would like to order, and we will send you a Paypal Invoice. Shipping will be quoted with your order. Dealer inquiry’s welcome.

Resin 3D Printed Parts Instructions

Unlike traditional resin and plastic parts, this is a special UV cured resin.   After it is cured in the manufacturing process, it has a brittle nature to it.   Extreme care must be taken when removing parts from the carrier sprues.  Do not under any circumstances break parts off.   Carefully nip each sprue support off one at a time with flush cutting nippers or a hobby knife. After you remove them, a light sanding will be needed where they are removed.   In some cases, excess resin can “pool” on certain surfaces (typically the bottom sides), and it can be removed by a simple light sanding to square it up.    Should you break a part removing it please let us know and we will replace it.